A Day With Elephants

Our husbands chose to go mountain biking and the mamas and babies chose a date with ELEPHANTS!

The only way I can ever describe elephants is majestic. We have so much respect and love for our gentle friends. I loved the way that Theo looked in awe at this beauty as we got to wash her. It was a really special experience to walk with such grand creatures and be a part of their daily routine.

Our elephant caretaker guide was so kind and loved showing the babies how to care for the elephants. All throughout Bali I was touched how much Indonesians loved Theo wherever we went. There is something about a baby that connects us as humans and makes us a little kinder and softer. Honestly, traveling with a baby has been so good to us, people are so nice and always want to connect with us through Theo. He makes people happy, and we get to meet so many cool people that normally might have passed us by.

The grounds of the Elephant Park are gorgeous. We had so much fun exploring with the babies as elephants roamed the park. The founders of the park chose this tropical location and cooler climate in central Bali because it mimics the elephants’ native land in Sumatra. 31 rescued, endangered elephants, including 4 babies born in the park, now call this oasis home.

Feeding the elephants was my favorite part of the day. Their trunks are so strong and they tickled us as they fought for the fruit. Theo tried feeding them too, but got really freaked out when they ‘hoovered’ the food right out of his tiny fist.

We were grateful to spend the day interacting with these sweet creatures. The Elephant Park is Bali’s only dedicated elephant rescue facility and is home to 31 endangered Sumatran elephants. The park follows the ‘5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare’ – freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury, or disease, freedom to express, freedom from fear and distress. We chose to visit this park over others because of these high standards. We got to learn about the elephants and experience their grandness, intelligence, and beauty in a comfortable and safe environment for both elephants and humans.

I think elephants are my new favorite animal.


  1. Alicia Pettit

    I would love to do this sometime. Elephants are my favorite animals and I think my kids would love it. You guys are such an inspiration and have given me so much to add to our bucket list.

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