Bali Bike Park

On our last day in Bali, we were able to head out to the Bali Bike Park.  We met the guys that run it at our last stay with The Chillhouse and I immediately knew that our Bali trip HAD to include a day in the park.

We got up early, and met at the shop.  We loaded up in the little van, with all the bikes on back, and took off to the park.  It was about an hour or so drive up to the park.  But that went quick as we talked international politics with the crew.

Jace looks really happy here, but in reality, he was as HANGRY as can be.  We were, as usual, behind schedule and were jamming to make it to the shuttle on time.  SO, we sacrificed breakfast.  We got a few candy bars at the store near the park, along with a bag of “tortilla chips”. We would scarf down as much as we could between sessions.

When I packed for Bali, I didn’t think I would be mountain biking.  I actually had no idea that there would even be the option.  SO, I didn’t think to bring my riding shoes, let alone my pedals.  But if I could do it over again, I would for sure pack both!

I showed up that morning in my chacos, hoping that maybe we could stop along the way and pick up a knock off pair of Adidas that I could destroy on the mountain.  But I was assured that there was a pair that would “probably” fit me up at the Bike Park; we didn’t stop for shoes.  There was a pair there, but it was just 4 sizes too large!  I shoved my grimy feet into an even grimier shoe and synched them down as tight as I could.  I felt like a clown, but literally didn’t even notice it while I was riding.

This is the moment that all new dads fear.  I was standing at the end of a big drop, thinking about how to hit it, and then my wife and kid popped into my head. “Don’t you even think about it, Cees!” said the tiny Madison in my head as she holds Theo.  “You would surely die.”

So, I stopped my thought of hitting the drop right there, and took the chicken line down.  Sad day, but hey, whatever.  I am a dad now, and dads don’t have room in their lives for broken collar bones.

But the little Madison in my mind didn’t stop us from going down the mountain on EVERY trail possible.  There were so many different options!  I bet we shuttled up 12-15 times that day.  We of course didn’t hit every single feature of the park (there were some pretty massive jumps), but we are pretty confident that we rode every sing trail.

We made fun friends as we rode together all day.  After every run we would shuttle up together, talk about the routes we took, and about how we all narrowly escaped certain death from some unexpected kicker, or a slippery root section. It is for sure a must if you plan on visiting the island!

To book a day out on bikes, visit their website or give them a call on WhatsApp (+62 811 3997906 )

It is worth it guys, for REALS…

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