• Cees

      Thank you! Madison does some great work. I am trying to learn her magic ways, but her skills will probably always be miles above mine. We are having fun, thats for sure!

  1. Sharon Kralick

    It was such a pleasure to meet you two on the Fairlyland Loop Trail. While we, too, plan to visit all of the National Parks, we won’t be doing them all in the same year. What an ambitious endeavor, but after reviewing your website, I have to say your adventure started long before you drove your first mile. It was equally impressive reading about your adventure sourcing and renovating “Our Vie.” What a truly amazing accomplishment for two people as young as yourselves. I know what it takes to do something like that since I helped my parents build their own RV from a chassis. Like you, they did everything thing themselves. Kudos to both of you! We’ll be sure to check in on your progress and admire your photos of the parks, especially the ones we haven’t been to yet. Best of luck on your journey. May you have only smooth driving, favorable weather, and many more memorable moments. You’ll be glad you are documenting your travels; what a great story to share with your family and friends (and acquaintances like us).

    All the best,
    Sharon & Andy Kralick

    • Cees

      Thank you so much for your kind words Sharon! Madison and I have brought up our conversation with you and Andy a few times! “Do it your way!” Thanks for the great advice.

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