Eating Our Way Around The Island – Bali “Must Eats”

Pretty much all we did in Bali was eat.  You think that is an exaggeration, but literally every day revolved around food.  We would fit activities in here and there, but mostly we ate yummy things all day long.  It really is no wonder I have so quickly joined the ranks of the Dad Bod Clan.

I need to take a quick second and help everyone put this post in perspective – I tend to Fantastic Mr. Fox my meals as soon as they show up.  So when Madison insisted on “thoroughly documenting” each plate of food for this post, I knew I was in trouble.  Everyone needs to understand that the following blog post represents a whole lot of self control.  So as you click through these pretty pictures, try and envision a sad, hungry little man just outside the picture frame.  That will help you understand the pain and suffering behind all this.

Kynd Community

Madison loved Kynd Community.  It was fresh, clean, and fun.  There is no meat on the menu, which obviously makes me sad.  BUT, they had one of the top 3 fruit bowls of the whole trip.  What to order: any of the smoothie bowls, salads, banana chocolate chip muffin, okay ANYTHING really


This was probably our favorite venue of all the places we tried.  We sat outside and it was just beautiful.  The food was on the same level.  What to order: chick pea/chicken salad & spring rolls

Ule Kan

If you are looking for authentic Indonesian food, look no further. There are so many tasty things to try here, and luckily you can get the sample platter and get a bit of everything. And praise praise praise the banoffee it is truly the BEST dessert in all the land! We forgot to take a photo because we ate it so fast – but our hearts will never forget it. What to order: Banoffee dessert (get 2 haha)



The most refreshing dessert you can get – and you don’t have to feel bad doing it!  There is nothing bad in these popsicles – all fresh fruit and clean ingredients.  What to order: ALL OF THEM; Banana Nutella was a personal favorite


In between eating at all the vegan/plant-based places, you have to get a big burger!  There are a bunch of different options to get your meat fix.  What to order: Waffle burger


Crate Cafe

Best breakfast for your buck.  It’s a chill place – very simple.  The menu is painted on the wall and full of goodies.  What to order: “The Barber” (french toast/egg/bacon), brekkie burrito, avocado toast, smoothies


A vegan’s dream.  Everything is made without meat or animal products of any kind.  But, you would never know that.  The jackfruit tasted JUST like pulled pork; I really couldn’t tell the difference. What to order: Jack fruit nachos, Buddha bowl and waffle fries

Poke Poke

The main thing I remember about this place, is that they let me ride the a massive swing in their store while I chowed down on delicious poke.  It was great! What to order: Thai Dynamite Bowl for a spicy time

Shady Shack

Amazing outdoor setting!  “The cutest”- Madison This place is another place for the vegan meal lovers. What to order: Smoothie bowls and anything from the bakery

My Warung

Best meat on the whole island. The steak and burgers were the best we had. Period. The vibe of the place is really fun too – newspapers and magazines all over the walls and fun colored decor make for a interesting place to eat. What to order: Steak and fries, best fries on the island

On The Juice

A really awesome juice shack that they run out of a converted VW bus! (BONUS POINTS).  It is right on the beach and a perfect way to cool off after hanging out in the sun all day. They also played a really fun techno/80’s/Star Wars mash up while we were there. What to order: Juice, duh

Cafe Organic

One of the top vegan spots in Bali.  Delicious food, but tiny smoothie bowls.  We came hungry, which was probably not a good idea.  It was expensive for not a lot of food. But, it was quality, that is for sure. What to order: Smoothie bowls out of a coconut (but don’t expect a big one!)

Creamery Bali

No matter where we are in the world, we seek the best ice cream joint.  And then, once we have it located, we go every other day. We would usually go on our way to the beach, snag an ice-cream cookie sandwich and then just take in all the goodness of nature and frozen treats. What to order: Chocolate chip cookie/cookie dough ice cream sandwich

Luigi’s Pizzeria

Have you ever wanted to eat your height in pizza?  Well, just order two meter long pizzas and Luigi’s got you covered!  It was probably the largest pizza I have ever taken down.  And with all four of us going at it, we have NO PROBLEM.  We literally hoovered it 10 minutes flat. What to order: Meter Long Pizza

Matcha Cafe

A cute, new shop surrounded by rice paddies. Run by an Italian, this shop sports the best gnocchi you can find in Bali! There are many unique dishes – all matcha based!  What to order: gnocchi, ahi burger and tiramisu for dessert

Nude Cafe

Awesome little cafe with an array of gluten free and vegan options.  They also have a really nice air conditioned section of the shop where you can hang out and get your work done on their wifi.  What to order: Pancakes and Avocado Toast

Pizza Fabbrica

Most authentic Italian pizza around.  Everything is 100% Italian – they even imported the oven!  You are literally transported to a little Italian pizza shop, with swanky jazz and moody lighting.  What to order: 4 cheese pizza or calzone


There are two locations – one in Canggu and one in Ubud. We stopped by the Ubud location when we were in town and LOVED it.  The loft gives you a nice, breezy location where you can watch the hustle and bustle of the street below and enjoy the freshest dishes. What to order: Kim chi burger, avo toast with salmon and pesto mac and cheese off the kids menu

One Eyed Jack

This was a special night out for us – authentic Japanese!  We got our fancy on and spent a night with One Eyed Jack.  The food was delicious and the presentation was spectacular.  The portion size was admittedly small, so if you are starving, maybe save this place for another night.  What to order: Tiny Tacos

Coffee Cartel

A quiet, beautiful, off-the-beaten path restaurant.  We spent a while just hanging out and enjoying the comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Less ‘beach vibe’ here, and more “breakfast class”. What to order: Chocolate/Banana/Peanut Butter smoothie bowl

Love and Coconuts

This is where a vegan lover can take their “meat-loving counter part” and both enjoy a good meal.  There were options for everyone here!  What to order: Salad in the coconut bowl


All kinds of yummy, fresh seafood options.  It’s in a very convenient location – we drove past it every day! What to order: Samoan Oka or Fish and Chips

Sizzle Wraps

This is the closest thing we found to “authentic Americanized Mexican” food.  Between the four of us, we pretty much tried it all – burritos, tacos, and nachos.  All of which were delicious. What to order: Steak Burrito

Ryoshi Sushi

A fun sushi shop in the party area of Seminyak.  The scene is a little louder than that of Canggu, but the sushi was good and the staff kind. What to order: any of the specialty rolls

Canggu was one of our favorite places in Bali – mostly because of the good vibes, fun beaches and obviously AMAZING food. We stayed in Canggu most of the time so this foodie post is mainly dedicated to the restaurants there. We are definitely going to have to go back and check out more of the incredible food in the other places in Bali someday!


  1. Cali

    Amazing ! Everything sounds delicious and I will make sure that we go to all of them! But would love to know what is the average price per person on these places. I know everyone says its very cheap to eat, but these places look organic, fresh produce, vegan and those tend to be more expensive. How is it there? Would love to know! thank you , and now im starving! I want to eat something know! haha . Your pictures really captured the taste!

    • Cees

      Hey Cali! I would say that the average cost of these MEALS (appetizer, drink, meal, and dessert) would range from like 6-10 dollars per person. That being said, there are a ton of meals that we did’t feature here that we would eat at small, local places… And some of those meals cost anywhere from 1.50-2.00 per person. So really, you can eat for about 1.50 a meal, to the fanciest meals for about 10/15 max. ITS SERIOUSLY THE BEST PLACE EVER! haha

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