1. This makes me want to cry with the exceeding amount of joy and excitement (okay, and a little jealousy) that I feel about this! Seriously. This is the best! I’m so stoked that everything turned out so well for you guys!!

    • Cees

      Jen! Thanks for your incredible amount of stoke! The positive vibes you send are overwhelming! Thank you thank you thank you. (And about the jealousy bit, let’s meet up in a park!)

      • Oh, don’t worry! I fully intend to meet up somewhere! I’m certain we’ll be in touch. I’m hoping for Yellowstone and the Tetons at the very least… that’s my home turf!

  2. Sandy Carver

    Too cool! You’ll never want to come back! I feel like the Bachelor/ette, overuse of the phrase, “That’s AMAZING!” But, hey, it is.

  3. This is AWESOME!!! You have done an amazing job with the renovation and making your Vie the perfect home on the road! Looking forward to following your adventures. (I particularly love the shot of Vladimir sunning himself in the window!)

    • Cees

      haha, he loves his sunny spots. Whenever we come back to the RV he is always curled up in a little cozy sun spot he’s found.

  4. Kate King

    So cute! I love the decor and the awesome views out the windows. Makes me want to start pulling our trailer soon.

  5. Kerri Taylor

    I’m in love with all of it! The Vie turned out so awesome! Having kitty with you on your adventure will bring you such an extra measure of joy, and yes, i am so super jealous!! I love you both, and you guys will be in our prayers for extra happiness, health and safety! Xx

  6. Jordon

    So. Freaking. Rad. I’m going to have to hit up Uncle Dave for some stainless steel countertops for our new/old camper. Yours look great, and so utilitarian. I might steal the Mason jar idea for the lights as well because, well, adorable.

    • Cees

      Yeah! I am way excited for you guys! That camper looks awesome! By the way, Sterling was the one who pretty much did the mason jar lights one night when we were working on it. See if he can help! haha

  7. JoEllen

    Read about you in NPCA magazine. Love your website, photos, adventures and RV…but most of all I must admit I so totally love your adventure kitty!!! (And that’s saying something because you’re way-to-cool RV is absolutely priceless). We are planning a similar trip for 2019. Thanks for all the inspiration. Profitez de votre belle vie!

    • Cees

      Oh thank you! And we are totally aware that Vlad is the star of this whole show! You are going to LOVE road life! Good luck getting things all put together! Keep us updated on the rig and the plans!

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