Getting Beautiful in Bali

Okay, let’s be real, we pretty much wore our swimsuits and tank tops every day.  And that, of course, is beautiful in it’s own way.  BUT, there were a few days that we decided to actually try and clean our selves up a bit… only a few.

Cees’ version of getting beautiful at Solomon’s Barber Shop:

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I HATE SHAVING. There are two things that keep me from shaving: 1.) it hurts my face when I shave all the way to the skin and 2.) it takes too long.  We drove by a little barber shop every day on the way home, so I figured, what the heck, why not get a little fancy and go in for a haircut and a shave (I was WAY past due for both of them).  It was amazing.  I felt cleaner, lighter, and a couple levels cooler.  And the best part was – it cost me about 2.50 for the haircut, and .50 for the shave!  So all in all, with the tip, I wasn’t even out 5 dollars!

Madison’s version of getting beautiful at Colors:

Mama Giddi and I came here twice and instantly connected with the wonderful women here. The staff is SO KIND and loved on our babies. It’s hard not to love people who adore your babies. On top of the good vibes and new friends, we have never felt so pampered at a nail salon. This was the most thorough mani/pedi that I’ve ever had in my LIFE! My fingers and toes felt like little queens. If I lived in Bali full-time, this would be my go-to nail place. It’s so affordable and cute. We came here on our last day before heading home and were so sad to leave. Thank you COLORS for helping us feel beautiful!

Another thing we recommend, but didn’t take any photos of are massages in Bali! We HIGHLY recommend getting a massage anywhere, anytime… why not?! You can easily find great, inexpensive massages on almost every street in Canggu. We would find massages for about $6/hr. Bali really is quickly becoming my favorite place of all time.

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