Isle Royale National Park – We will return!


Well, this is super sad.  Because of complications with our RV, we didn’t make it in time to catch the boat over to Isle Royale this season.  The park is technically open until the end of October, but the boats stop taking trips in the first week of October!  But hey, we got a sign photo!  We will be back in the spring to spend time on the Island – so stay tuned!


  1. Theresa

    Hea, if you are still in the general area, headed east on US 2 in Upper Peninsula Michigan, give a shout – would be glad to give you a place to park, have a warm beverage, and enjoy the woods with us.

    • Cees

      That’s so nice of you! Thank you! We are already on to other parks. BUT, we will be back in the spring! So maybe we will see you guys out exploring then!

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