Point Reyes, CA

Our good friend Sean called us up and told us he was rolling into “our neck of the woods”.  He asked if we had been out to see the elephant seals, and I have to be honest, I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Apparently, during January and February, hundreds of seals come to the beach to mate and to birth the babies. It’s some of the only time all year that they are actually on land, so they make the most of it and just sleep all day.

Well I guess some of the males get into fights to win over the harem and establish themselves as the super alpha bull. We didn’t see any crazy fights while we were there though.

Pretty much we just watched these guys lay around for about an hour and then turned and walked down to the beach we could actually get to.

There were a few friends on this beach too, and they were laying just right over the fence from us.  They’re huge!

For sure the best part was trying to find the biggest nose on the beach.  This guy was king shnaz of this beach, but we are pretty sure that there were some larger sniffers on the beach bellow. We just had a hard time confirming through the zoom lens.

We drove to the other side of the park, and walked out the the light house. It was foggy, but still beautiful.  Point Reyes is a gem, and I feel like we need to explore more of the park.  It’s only a short drive from the Bay, so I’m sure we will be headed back.

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