Rice Terraces of Tegalalang

Why does the color green make us feel so good?  Maybe perhaps that it tends to symbolize life?  Maybe because we grew up hearing “green means GO”?  Whatever it is, the feel-good feels were in full force in this place.

Growing up in Idaho I have a special place in my heart for huge tracts of land.  There is just something special to me about people that are able to work this earth and make a living out of it.  Not to take away from the beauty of crop circles, tall fields of corn, or seas of golden wheat, but the terraced paddies of rice are stunning in a different way.  It may have to do with the fact that it is ‘exotic’ for us.  But really, I just see more art in it.

I brought my packable rice picker hat to Bali 100% to walk around the rice fields. That was literally the only reason. Then, when we get there, Madison says “take off your silly hat!”  I included one picture here in my hat, because it belongs!  That hat needed to see where he came from – to get a peak at his South Eastern Asia roots!

Here is a clip from our Instagram that Madison wrote about our brief time here at the Tegalalang terraces:

“Karma is real. As we were walking through the rice terraces, we had to pass through little huts owned by local families. If you want to hike through the terraces you are asked to make a small donation to the families who farm this beautiful land. There was a Russian couple in front of us who didn’t want to pay. Cees has a soft spot for Russians and told them in Russian that he’d pay for them. When the Indonesian woman saw that we paid for the others, she went to her own cooler and pulled out an ice-cold water for us. It was so hot and we were so grateful. This is just a tiny-scale example of the truth that the more you give to the Universe, the more it will give you. Do good today and I promise it will come back to you in some way.”

Look at all these smiling people?  Can anyone say Christmas card?!?

Being out in new cultures is my favorite form of entertainment.  Just walking down the streets you see so many things that make you pause, and smile.  I think it is a healthy thing.  To realize that there are many ways to accomplish the same task – that my way isn’t always the best or most efficient way of doing things.  It helps me distance myself from that “I have everything figured out” mentality.

And there is one more hat picture to end on – for posterity’s sake.

Also, if anyone is wondering where this place is, and how you might get to it – HERE YOU GO.

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