Our place in Uluwatu was probably our favorite in Bali. We loved our stay with Uluwatu Surf Villas.  The grounds were absolutely stunning, and the view was unbeatable.  We decided that all we need in life is a one bedroom villa that looks out over the ocean.  We don’t need anything huge, just a small place by the sea.  I mean, what else can you ask for?

In a spot this nice, it was easy to just stay there and hang out.  We spent a lot of time swimming in our pool, setting up slack lines on the grounds, and drinking straight from the coconut.  It was a non-stop hang out party.

We adventured out to the near by Padang Padang beach.  People recommended that we spend some time exploring there.  And it was super fun!  We got to walk through some sea caves, relax in the nice sand, and swim in the mellow waves.  Theo had a fun time out in the water too!

That night, as we were chillin’ and watching the sun go down in the pool, a monkey came to visit!  At first we thought it was so funny and figured he just wanted to come say ‘hello’.  Then when we got out to take pictures of him at the pool, he swooped in on our coconuts!  We tried to get them back and OH MAN, bad idea.  He got really mad and showed some sharp, sharp teeth.  SO, we just let him bust those things open and keep it all.  After he ate all the meat out of both coconuts, he just walked off, leaving his mess there for us to clean up like he owned the place (’cause he did).  Monkeys are cool, but they kind of freak me out.  Way too unpredictable for my liking.

One of the amazing parts of our stay at Uluwatu Surf Villas was the fact that they came in and made us breakfast in our own villa! It was the ultimate room service!

Oh, and we can’t talk about anything at Uluwatu Surf Villas without mentioning the tacos.  We had a taco night one evening, and it was to die for.  Jace and Giddi are serious taco connoisseurs and they were in heaven.  And, this wasn’t just because we are taco deprived here in Indonesia.  True, we are on the complete other side of the planet from Mexico, but I am telling you, these were dang good tacos.

We loved being so close to the beach.  We had our own private little beach access path down the cliff side!  We walked down there and played in the tide pools and watched the surfers shred some crazy big waves.

One evening we went to see the famous Uluwatu Temple.  We went for the temple, but stayed for the monkeys. They were hilarious, even though they were still slightly scary and unpredictable.  Some of them were SO FAT!    The king monkey had so many rolls.  His rolls had rolls!  It was quite impressive actually.  At first it was comical to me that they were so huge. They just sit around and eat “tourist food” all day long.  And then I realized, that is all I do as well!  That is my future!  I am going to be the next king monkey with rolls on rolls on rolls!  I’ve got to make some changes!

Uluwatu treated us well.  The views were incredible, the food was amazing, and the primates unforgettable.  Stay true, stay you, Uluwatu!

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