Grand Canyon National Park | 48/59

Here we are folks! One of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World – The Grand Canyon! The feelings you get when you see the Grand Canyon for the first time cannot be adequately expressed through words or even beautiful photos. Nothing does it justice. You just HAVE to experience it yourself. I remember coming here as … [Read more…]

Petrified Forest National Park | 47/59

This park is a hidden gem. Trees turn into magical rocks here in Petrified Forest! I mean, come on! I’ll get a little science-y and explain more about that in a second. We only spent the day here because it was so cold and extremely windy, but we still felt like we were still able … [Read more…]

Saguaro National Park | 46/59

My whole life – I have pronounced this type of cactus “SA-GUA-RO”.  Turns out, the ‘G’ is silent!  It blew my mind when I found that out.  Luckily I found it out just before we made it to the park, so I didn’t look like a doofus in front of a ranger.  Just goes to … [Read more…]

Carlsbad Caverns National Park | 45/59

As we drove into Carlsbad Caverns National Park, we were greeted by friendly sheep munching on cacti like nobody’s business.  I don’t really understand, do they just have crazy tough tongues?  Or do they just love cactus that much they don’t care that they are getting poked?  Kind of like how Cees says he can … [Read more…]

Guadalupe Mountains National Park | 44/59

If you look closely you’ll see a “bean bump” — some of our friends have named my baby bump haha. We are getting more and more excited to introduce this beautiful earth to our little babe! We started to explore this park the way we always do, with a pit stop at the visitor’s center! … [Read more…]

Big Bend National Park | 43/59

Big Bend National Park was one of the biggest surprises of the entire trip.  This may have been because our time here was jammed packed with all kinds of adventures – but I think the real reason is the sky.  For some reason, right as we crossed into Texas, the sky seemed to just open … [Read more…]

Hot Springs National Park | 42/59

Well. Here it is folks–Hot Springs National Park. I’m going to be straight up with you, because we care about you all and you deserve to know the truth haha. You’re probably confused that this street you’re looking at is considered a National Park. I was right there with you. Before researching it at all, … [Read more…]

Congaree National Park | 41/59

Looking at our sticker collection on the back of the RV, puts into perspective just how far we’ve come on this journey together. Each sticker represents so many memories, adventures, laughs, struggles, and triumphs in some of our nation’s most beautiful destinations. And while the destinations are stunning and awe-inspiring, it’s the joy of the … [Read more…]

Mammoth Caves National Park | 40/59

“They wound this way and that, far down into the secret depths of the cave” – Mark Twain (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) Hanging out in Mammoth Cave with my beautiful new wife I couldn’t help but be reminded of Tom and Becky’s time in the cave.  Granted our paths weren’t lit by candles and … [Read more…]

Great Smoky Mountains National Park | 39/59

Our time in The Great Smokey Mountains was indeed, very smokey.  A huge amount of the park was on fire when we arrived.   Some of the road had been closed off in order to help protect visitors and allow wildland firefighter crews easy access to fight the flames. We had heard before hand that … [Read more…]