Jodie O’Shea House

When we started planning this trip to Bali with Jace and Giddi, they were quick to say that they wanted to include an element of service in the trip.  We figured, “well, we are talking to these companies already to work for them, let’s see if they would be interested in helping out a good cause as well.”  Luckily for us, some of them were!

Giddi connected with The Jodie O’Shea House in Bali a month or so before we left.  We figured out what their most dire needs were – new bunk beds.  A lot of the kids were sharing beds or sleeping on the tile.  We needed to raise 5,000 dollars to to get all new beds for the kids.

Luckily, we were able to raise most of this thanks to Wandrd and Fawn Design.  Their generosity is what made this mission a success. We were able to raise the last of the funds thanks to generous donors from OurVie and OurHomeOnWheels followers.  It was a collaborative effort, and we thank everyone who donated.

When we got to the orphanage, to help assemble the last of the beds, and to just be with the kids for the day, we were literally swarmed by happy children.  They all wanted to see the babies, and play with each of us.  Their happiness and enthusiasm for life was contagious.

We are glad that we were able to meet such wonderful people at the Jodie O’Shea House.  We hope to come back some day soon!

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