Pregnant on the Road Part 2: A Pizza and a Pregnancy Test (How I Found Out)

Around the time we decided to have a baby and I stopped using birth control, we started heading up to Alaska.  We were going to be there the rest of the summer to visit all eight National Parks. Normally on our trip we just boondocked (park for free on public land) in our RV. But, in Alaska, because of the remote nature of the parks, we ended up doing a lot of backpacking and camping. At the time, I didn’t realize I was already pregnant. Camping in the Alaskan wilderness for those first six weeks was a little rough, but I actually didn’t think too much of it. Looking back on it now, all the signs were pointing one way – I was always tired, my body was constantly sore and achy, I couldn’t sleep, I felt mildly nauseous 100% of the time, and the smell of nasty ramen made me want to die. For weeks I craved fresh fruit and sushi. I just wanted to sleep in a normal bed, nap all day and have Cees bring me good food. I felt so lazy and crappy. I was also SUPER cranky and had the gnarliest mood swings. Poor Cees. As a first-timer in the pregnancy game, I guess I just didn’t put it together. I was in denial that I could get pregnant so quickly and thought it would take months and months. Basically, I just thought the PMS monster had possessed my body and I was about to have the mega period of the century. Alas, my monthly friend didn’t come, and never came.

Flash forward to our 5th park in Alaska – Lake Clark NP.

Cees had just hatcheted his ankle in the deep backcountry. We barely hobbled out of the mountains alive to miraculously catch our bush plane back to Anchorage. We went to the hospital and they fixed Cees up. They gave him some good drugs to get him by, since we were flying out to Katmai NP the very next day. While he was all drugged up on Percocet, passed out in the RV, I walked myself to the nearest Walmart and bought a pizza and a pregnancy test (just in case ya know?), super classy. I came back, put the pizza in the oven and took the test… and what do I see staring back at me? That little pink plus sign. I tell Cees excitedly and he just wakes up from his pain-killer nap coma, looks at me really confused and just starts eating pizza. I don’t think he fully comprehended what was going on. Or maybe that is a common father-to be reaction? You tell me. Eventually, he got with it and was excited with me! We couldn’t believe our pregnancy journey had started and we’d actually be having a human BEAN!


  1. Alicia Pettit

    With both of my pregnancies I knew I was pregnant because of my constant craving of fruit. I ate so much fruit during both 41 week pregnancies. My other craving was Reese’s. I also found out I was pregnant with my first by getting sick after eating pizza!

    • Madison

      YES fruit was EVERYTHING during pregnancy and we are twins because I also LOVED Reese’s haha who knew! But, yikes getting sick is the worst, I’m so glad I’m done with that – until next time I guess haha.

  2. Dawn from Camano Island

    Yayyyy! Congratulations! Theo is simply adorable! I hope you’re all getting good sleep when you can get it & are enjoying every second with your sweet little man. The three of you are in my heart & on my mind–I look forward to future posts & the next phase of your adventure.

    And hey! You really need to write a book about your adventures! “Dear Bob & Sue” is out & I’m not going to read it! The two of you have a much more interesting story to tell than two old-timers (and I can say that because I am one) who, among other things, “survived a mid-air plane collision”. Meh. They did NOT have a baby as part of their journey! And the two of you write SO well! Just saying’…

    Post more pics when you get a chance–and please post a pic of Theo’s first smile. Take good care.

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