Virgin Islands National Park | 58/59

Hello Miami, next stop U.S. Virgin Islands!

But first — you’re looking at a picture of one of the worst night’s sleep we’ve ever had haha. We’d heard rumors and read things online, but we found out the hard way that boon docking near Miami is really tricky. It was 90+ degrees at night and we kept getting kicked out from every parking lot that we tried. But, the worst was the heat. Florida is just TOO hot in August and we were dying. Cees drove the RV around that night just to run the AC and kill time until morning. I woke up super sweaty in the airport parking lot haha. At least we definitely weren’t late for our early morning flight!

I love this amazing little traveler! Whenever we walk down the aisle as we’re getting on the plane we can tell that people are hoping that we won’t be sitting by them. No wants wants to sit next to a screaming baby. But, people are a little too quick to judge and don’t know that this happy boy, does SO great on every flight we’ve taken. Everyone is always so surprised by the end of the flight! Yay Theo!

We landed in St. Thomas and headed straight to Duffy’s Love Shack in Red Hook, walking distance from the ferry terminal. Our friends and fellow National Park nerds, the Wild Groves tipped us off to this place and we were really glad that we went. The Polynesian Pupu Platter was a must!

This was one of the first views we had of St. John’s famous beaches and we were completely blown away. If you haven’t been to the Virgin Islands, you probably think this photo looks fake or has a crazy saturated filter on it, but this is REAL you guys! Haha. It’s mind blowing.

Virgin Islands is so different as far as national parks go! I am obsessed with the visitor center on the water.

This island has all the best jokes too…

Ready for a marathon day? We only had 3 days on the island so we had to hit it hard. On our first day we when straight to Trunk Bay, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, fun beaches on the island. There is an underwater snorkeling trail. I mean come on, what could be more fun than that?! Check out the vlog to see the video Cees snorkeling the trail!

Solo-snorkeling. It’s this cool, new thing you do when you have a baby and only one of you gets to go in the water at a time. Until Theo is big enough to swim in a life jacket with us, I get to watch Cees from the beach haha.

I love these two goobs so much!

How cute is Theo in Cees’ umbrella hat?! Why don’t they make these for babies, they are the best thing ever.

Side story and the reason why we ended up at the beachside bar even though we don’t drink – as soon as we got to the beach I realized that I accidentally left the GoPro our the eco-tent at Cinnamon Bay, so Cees had to go back and get it. He wasn’t stoked about that. But, as he was leaving Cinnamon Bay to come back to us at Trunk Bay, he saw a guy walking up the steep, narrow road. He asked him if he needed a ride and found out that the guy works at the bar at Trunk and was late to work. It was perfect timing. So Cees gave him a ride and he gave us some drinks. We had a virgin Lime in the Coconut for the first time. It changed my life; I’ve never had a better drink in my 26 years. I love how things in life are just meant to be.

After the beach, we had a little ahi sandwich for lunch and went to explore the old sugar plantation.

Back in 1780, the Annaberg Sugar Plantation was one of 25 sugar factories on the island. Here they also made a lot of molasses and rum. Slave labor was used to run the plantation until slavery was finally abolished. I can’t even imagine the grueling labor they had to endure in the heat of the day. I was having a hard time just walking around the ruins, it was so incredibly hot and humid.

Under that little arch is the exact spot that our friends Jen and Brady Groves got engaged, so we had to find it and do a little happy dance for them.

We decided to hike down to Salt Pond beach and wait there to hike the Ram Head trail for sunset.

Some people sailed to this little bay and were partying on their boats. It looked SO fun and we instantly became very jealous of the boat life. Here’s a little secret for those who are actually reading this haha – our 5-10 year plan is to trade road life for pirate life! We want to live full time on a boat and sail everywhere that we can, for a long as we please!

My absolute dream is to have a beach baby. I was SO extremely pleased that Theo loved the amazing, warm water on St. John!

He actually had fun in the water and didn’t freak out. He looked like a little frog trying to kick his legs and swim.

After swimming, we started up the Ram Head trail and hoped to make it to the top for sunset.

First, we passed by Salt Pond.

Then, we wound our way through fields of cacti, around rocky bays, up and up to the top of Ram Head.

We didn’t stay too long after sunset because the army of mosquitoes descended upon us with a vengeance. We sprint-shuffled the 2.5 ish miles back to the car as fast as we could.

But before we left, I snapped the cutest photos of my two favorite doods.

We treated ourselves with the best reward after our hike and marathon day. We went to The Longboard in Cruz bay. What I’m trying to say is we died and went to heaven. This place is a laid back, Caribbean style cantina with amazing dishes made from healthy, local ingredients.

I love poke, so I had to get this dreamy poke rice stack topped with avocado, crab and quail egg.

Cees got a juicy steak bowl with lots of yummies on top!

This was honestly one of the best dinners we’ve ever had, so we had to tell you all about it! Such good food, such good vibes!

The next day, we drove around the whole island. It was pretty hot, and I didn’t really take any pictures, until we decided to go BACK to The Longboard for lunch haha. No shame.

This time I got a poke bowl with mango salsa and a fresh fish taco!

Cees got a seared ahi tuna bowl. SO yum.

After lunch we went to Cinnamon Bay beach, which is actually where we were staying, in the eco tents in the National Park. I should have taken pictures of Cinnamon Bay, but honestly we were just having so much fun enjoying the water with Theo that I completely forgot to take photos. Sometimes that’s okay! We had a beautiful day and I’ll never forget the warm water, perfect sand, soft breeze, and happy memories being together in paradise. I can’t wait to come back!

Early the next morning we said goodbye to St. John and hello to the sun rising in the east. We hopped on the boat to St. Thomas and then caught our flight back to Miami.

U.S. Virgin Islands National Park is a magical place. I feel like it’s the Hawaii of the east coast. This was most definitely one of my favorite parks – and I know I know… I say that every time. But, I really mean it! It definitely made the top 5 list in my book! I can’t believe we only have ONE park left!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! We are big NP buffs (up to 43 now!), and I always go to your blog to reference the NP in planning for our trips. We’re taking our niece to the Virgin Islands next summer, so I wanted to read this post to get her excited!!

    • Cees

      Aw, that’s awesome! I am glad that you can use these as a resource. We absolutely LOVED Virgin Islands. The beaches are seriously so so so amazing. You’re going to have a blast.

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