1. Okay, sorry not sorry, pretty much plan on me commenting on everything… I’m just too stoked!
    You’ll definitely want to go back when it’s clear, the stargazing is one of the only things I remember from my visit when I was 7! Spectacular. I share your feelings on the “old timey graffiti”- having a paleoanthropologist husband gives us an interesting perspective on such matters. Is it frustrating to see graffiti? Yeah, but if no one left any graffiti at all, we would have even less knowledge of ancient Native Americans than we already have. From a history and cultural perspective it’s an interesting dilemma, especially when you consider how little knowledge we have of some tribes of Natives due to European involvement destroying all record of their culture and existence. Not necessarily saying that makes graffiti okay, but it’s always something to consider.
    Anyway. I digress. The stoke is just so high and I’m so glad you guys loved GRBA! Hahaha. Love you both, even if I’m just a rando creeper. <3

  2. Kate King

    What kind of camera are you using? Your photos are wonderful, very graphic. Ad-worthy. I see a book deal in your future. ?

  3. Carla Laney

    The whole to-graffiti or not-to-graffiti question is indeed a dilemma! When we were in Spain last year we went to an old castle in Alicante and there was an entire dungeon floor that had been excavated, containing hundreds of “last messages” from prisoners who were put to death. Sometimes it was just a name and a year, other times it was a message to a loved one. I was intrigued and appalled at the same time, but it was so cool to see graffiti that was over 300 years old. It makes you think, “yeah, this is really amazing but if my kid writes on one of these walls be is in BIG trouble!”

  4. Don

    It would be interesting and helpful if you posted a map that shows where each park is along with the photo of the park entrance. That way not only can we quickly “locate” it, but we can also play “where in the US are Cees and Madison”.

    Looks like great fun so far!

    • Cees

      It is funny you mentioned this! I have been working on getting a map going with all of the parks that we have been to along with the “current park”. I have one up now (check out http://www.ourvie.com/the-map), I hope to have it display the park name AND link to the corresponding blog post, but for now, we will have to make due. Stay tuned though! haha

    • Madison

      The names and dates we photographed in Lehman Caves were burned onto the ceiling over a hundred years ago. Don’t worry–The NPS and Rangers are fierce protectors of the caves now. No one is doing further damage to them today. Many years ago, things were done very differently, but with more understanding comes change in attitude and behavior. We were just talking about how it’s an interesting question–is it okay or do we have the right to put pathways in the caves and cut down hundreds of untouched features so that the public can access the cave and learn more about it. Just an interesting problem to hash out in your mind. We will continue to be good stewards of the earth and try to leave things better than we found them!

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